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Teak Wood Furniture: 5 Signs That You’ve Got The Real Deal

Teak FurnitureTeak wood is one of the most expensive and sought after hardwoods in the world, and with good reason. Teak wood and the furniture made from it is so strong and durable that it will outlast you in terms of longevity. This makes it a highly valuable commodity in the global market. And, as with anything that is valuable, you either have a bunch of fakes or people with the real deal who are simply ripping you off.

Furniture is what transforms your house into a home. And nothing gives that premium homely feel like teak wood. If you already own teak wood furniture, you will know that not all of it is alike. You get teak in three qualities; grade A, which is the aged and most dense type of wood, grade B, which is the hardwood taken from younger trees, and grade C, which is made of the outer covering of teak trees (the most susceptible to damage and wear and tear). Now, if you are planning to buy some teak wood furniture from furniture stores in Singapore, or already have furniture that is a few years old, here’s 5 signs that you have made the right investment in this coveted hardwood and that you got your money’s worth.

1. It will last you a lifetime, and then some

The first sure sign to know that you have made the right investment decision in your teak wood furniture is that no matter how old it is, it should still look or at least feel as solid as it did the day it was bought. Now, it is no secret that, if taken care of, teak wood furniture can last upwards of 60 years. Teakwood is highly durable and no amount of light, dirt or even kids should have any measurable impact on your furniture.

2. Low maintenance

Apart from that fact that it can last forever, teak furniture is also easy to maintain. Over time, unvarnished teak wood might turn a few shades light because of exposure to sun or rain. But, this in no way lessens its quality.

3. You have got yourself an heirloom

If you still have the furniture that your parents or their parents bought during their heydays, then you know you have the real deal and that they had made a great investment. Plus, now you have a family heirloom that you can pass on to your future generations.

4. Quality Craftsmanship

Until recently, especially in furniture stores in Singapore, teak furniture was painstakingly crafted by master carpenters who would spend days, or even weeks, custom building your furniture. And if the old adage that quality shows is true and if these meticulous works of wood are still pretty much in the same condition as when they were first taken out of the packaging, then you know you have a quality investment.

5. It still holds its value

While teak wood fades in colour with exposure to the elements, teak wood kept and maintained indoors grows richer in colour over time. Teak wood never gives up.

Author’s Bio

Cheryl Lim writes for Scanteak – a renowned brand that sells beautifully designed and lasting teak furniture in Singapore and around the world. At Scanteak, we pride ourselves on over 40 years of crafting Teak, a prized tropical hardwood, into furniture of timeless, classic designs. Our Scandinavian ideology maintains that furniture should complement our lifestyles, so that we’ll always have time for the things that truly matter – friends, family, and feeling at home.


May 2015  •