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Environmentally Friendly

Through indiscriminate logging methods, Thailand's teak forests have been decimated, and those of Burma are on the same path. In Java Indonesia, the government agency, Perum Perhutani, operates a strict policy regulating the number and size of trees which can be felled, as well as with regard to the numbers of trees which are replanted to maintain the productivity of the teak plantations for future generations. The teak plantations produce a high value crop that is a very valuable source of income in their local area. The associated furniture and timber products industry provides regular local employment to many thousands of people. Scanteak uses teak grown on plantations in Java, Indonesia, under the direction of the Indonesian Government. Teak is not indigenous to Java. It was brought there specifically for use as a crop timber.


Each piece of Scanteak furniture undergoes rigorous quality control inspections to ensure the piece delivered to your homes is only the best of the best. Scanteak’s Quality Control Inspectors check each piece of furniture against a comprehensive 32-point inspection check list which details the raw materials, joints, and fittings, right down to the finishing touches of the product. Any piece that fails even 1 of the 32 check list items will be rejected. With our stringent Quality Control team, Scanteak continues to excel in providing the best product and services for our customers.


Backed by over 30 years of award winning experience (including Singapore Promising Brand 2003, 2004 and 2005; Superbrands 2004, 2005 and 2009; Citibusiness-SPBA Regional Brand Award 2006; and the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2013), each Scanteak piece is sealed with the quality of our Brand Promise of reliability. A brand you can trust.


Scanteak uses teak that is kiln dried to between 8% - 10% moisture content to ensure that it will last a lifetime. Other manufacturers kiln dry to about 12 to 15%.


Scanteak is reputed for excellence in workmanship. Here’s why: The teak furniture is first sanded by machine. After construction, it is sanded by hand. This process is what gives Scanteak furniture its famous “flawless” sand finish.